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A woman of audacity…



Anna Zinkeisen by Anna Katrina Zinkeisen, circa 1944 © National Portrait Gallery, London

This portrait is on display in Room 5884.

I’ve always admired Anna Katrina Zinkeisen’s self-portrait. Self-portraits are particularly fascinating – one often feels a bit of a voyeur as if we’ve caught the artist at a private moment studying herself in the bathroom mirror. Here, Zinkeisen is ready to be discovered – she’s smartly dressed for the occasion, and holds her brushes in her hand. During the Second World War she was a medical artist, painting wounds for the Royal College of surgeons, a task that must have required a steady hand and a steadier stomach. I think that unflinching gaze reveals a woman capable of such things but I also love the bold flash of red at her cuff and collar and dabbed on her unsmiling mouth. I imagine the character of Juliet Montague to be a similarly audacious woman – able to negotiate her way through the ‘60s art scene, an outsider but with a dash of red lipstick.



‘The Gallery of Vanished Husbands’ Paperback is nearly here!

In fact it’s out next week on June 19th and to celebrate I’m doing a couple of events here in Dorset.

I’ll be at Winstone’s bookshop in Sherborne on Thursday June 19th at 6.30 pm (see the flier below) and at Gullivers’ in Wimborne on the evening of Thursday 26th. Do pop by for a drink and a chat!

Flier (1)

New house and New Book!

Rainbow over Bulbarrow

Mr S and I have now moved to our new home. It’s the wettest summer ever, but that does make for the odd rainbow. We don’t have anything fancy like curtains yet, so dawn (and next door’s cockerel) wakes us and we watch the morning light rise behind the hill.

At my desk I’m busy finishing the new book which is called ‘The Gallery of Vanished Husbands’. It’s coming along nicely and I’m managing not to be too distracted by the arrival of things like a custom dresser for the kitchen. When I say ‘custom’, I mean we found it in a vintage market in Bridport, and when it was delivered discovered that our measurements were off by about 4inches. The bottom had to be sawn off – so now it fits perfectly.

So, I’m playing house in the real world and in my imagination…