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Out in paperback today!

‘Mr Rosenblum’s List’ is out in paperback today… very exciting. He will be in Waterstones with 3 for 2 stickers on (and on another extra special promotion next week) which is great. If you’ve read the book, please tell your friends about it!

Mr S and I have been dashing about the country in between working on the screenplay for Mr R. Last week we were in West Stafford where the fabulous bookgroup ladies there had baked all the recipes in the book! There was (perfectly moist) Baumtorte, coronation chicken and even some (slightly dubious nettle) cider of which Curtis would have been proud. In fact, thinking about it, people e-mail me most days to ask for the Baumtorte recipe but no one has ever asked for the cider recipe. It’s the jitterbugs what puts ’em orf like. Ninnywallies.

Mr R is now out in America too! And had a fabulous review in the Boston Globe over the holiday weekend. (Though, if you read it — be careful of the spoilers). And book-blog queen Dovegrey reader gave Mr R a gorgeous review. These days when it’s so hard to get colomn inches for a book, it is wonderful when someone takes the time to write a really thoughtful and personal response to a book.

In the church in West Stafford, I couldn’t help thinking that this ancient, Jack-in-the-Green carving looked rather woolly-pig like.

Surely a woolly-pig? That is a snout.