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On my travels

This picture isn't of Tyneford but Kingston Lacey in Dorset... it's rather grander than Tyneford would have been....


Welcome to any new blog readers who’ve come by after hearing me on the radio this morning. It’s been quite an adventure. I’m in L.A at the moment and I’ve been up since four this morning talking on various radio shows across the US. I was really nervous at first (and a little sleepy!) but I think I found my rhythm…


It’s lovely to be in L.A — I’m busy working on my new novel and part of it takes place in California so I’m hoping that the sunshine seeps into the story.

I’m going to be doing an event while I’m here at VRomans bookstore in Passadena at 7pm next Wednesday April 4th:

Jeff Rona, my friend and the lovely composer of ‘The House at Tyneford’ ‘The Novel in the Viola’ music will be there too and the music will be performed live in the US premier! Exciting stuff.

I’m behind in replying to your gorgeous messages but I will try to catch up over the weekend, I so appreciate hearing from you.

The first hints of spring

At last we have a summerhouse  again — it was a drizzle house for a while. The snowdrops are everywhere and the ancient plum tree has already started to blossom.

We took a trip to Lacocks in Wiltshire and the snowdrops outside the abbey were beautiful and I heard my first wood pigeon of the year. That to me is the first sound of spring.

And in the original photographic studio of Mr Fox Talbot, the inventor of the photographic negative, Mr S took some pictures of me in a rather fetching top hat.


And a big thank to everyone at Plume. ‘The House at Tyneford’ has been in the NYT bestseller list for 6 weeks now and they sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. (The gorgeous Rob Ryan vase was a birthday present from Mr S).


‘The House at Tyneford’ is a bestseller!

Thanks so much to all the wonderful people at Plume (especially to Tara and Pam)! ‘The House at Tyneford’ has just debuted at no 29 on the NYT bestseller list. I’m so, so excited. It’s also at no 14 on the Indiebound list and at no 8 in the Boston Globe besteller list. It’s bedtime but I’m far too excited to sleep.

Here is a photo of a windswept Dorset seascape near Tyneham… no wonder I was inspired to write a novel set here.

Burt's Tyneford cottage


And here is a picture of the real-life Landau girls, taken in Berlin in the 1920s.

Gerda, Gabi, Margot

My grandmother Margot is the eldest.