‘The Gallery of Vanished Husbands’ Paperback is nearly here!

In fact it’s out next week on June 19th and to celebrate I’m doing a couple of events here in Dorset.

I’ll be at Winstone’s bookshop in Sherborne on Thursday June 19th at 6.30 pm (see the flier below) and at Gullivers’ in Wimborne on the evening of Thursday 26th. Do pop by for a drink and a chat!

Flier (1)

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  1. Esme Young says:

    Dear Natasha,

    I feel I had to write to tell you a] how much I enjoyed Mr Rosenblum’s List and b] about a curiously strange co-incidence that happened. I had taken the wooly pig incidents as they were written & assumed they were folklore. The following day my occasional gardener arrived. She is going into business with some friends who want to start a small market garden & have Open days when the children can feed ducks etc. She said they have bought some lovely stripy piglets & when they grow up they will be Wooly Pigs! I could hardly believe what she was telling me until I Googled them [they are called Mangalitsas] I am VERY curious to know if you knew about these when you wrote the book ??
    Best wishes, Esme

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