Bunny’s Book Tour

I’m just back from an amazing tour with Mr S, Little S and Bunny. We experienced floods in Colorado, crazed traffic in LA, a crocodile in San Francisco (ok, it was in the aquarium and looked mostly asleep) and quested for the perfect bagels in NYC.

I’ve learned many things while touring with a one year old. These include: once you’ve packed the very small person’s very large suitcase, you will have no room for shoes. You will give a book talk with bits of banana welded to your jacket. And, forget Bunny at your peril. There was one sticky non-banana or yogurt related incident when I was in a car on the way to an event at the lovely RJulia book store in Connecticut and we realised that Bunny was in my bag and not with Little S in NYC. Mr S has forgiven me. Just.

Superbaby looks down over Manhattan...

Superbaby looks down over Manhattan…

Thanks so much to all the readers who came to my events and to the fabulous bookstores and booksellers at Vromans in Pasadena, BookPassage in San Francisco, RJ.Julia in Maddison and The Tattered Cover in Denver.

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