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This picture isn't of Tyneford but Kingston Lacey in Dorset... it's rather grander than Tyneford would have been....


Welcome to any new blog readers who’ve come by after hearing me on the radio this morning. It’s been quite an adventure. I’m in L.A at the moment and I’ve been up since four this morning talking on various radio shows across the US. I was really nervous at first (and a little sleepy!) but I think I found my rhythm…


It’s lovely to be in L.A — I’m busy working on my new novel and part of it takes place in California so I’m hoping that the sunshine seeps into the story.

I’m going to be doing an event while I’m here at VRomans bookstore in Passadena at 7pm next Wednesday April 4th:


Jeff Rona, my friend and the lovely composer of ‘The House at Tyneford’ ‘The Novel in the Viola’ music will be there too and the music will be performed live in the US premier! Exciting stuff.

I’m behind in replying to your gorgeous messages but I will try to catch up over the weekend, I so appreciate hearing from you.

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  1. Natasha, thanks so much for popping by – I was thrilled to see your comment. I just finished the book yesterday – I didn’t want it to end. Loved how you wrapped up the story, though, with just the right amount of bitter and sweet. I’m so glad that the rest of the girls in my book club will be able to read it, too, as we did end up choosing it as our next read. Looking forward to your next book — and I need to meet Mr. Rosenblum, too.

    Enjoy the bluebells! All the best, Jeanne

  2. Ronda says:

    Loved Elise! Very loveable and sweet and yet strong and determined. I loved how you grew her up and gave her depth. The bittersweet end is so memorable. I fell in love with the sea all over again. I grew up near the ocean in New Hamphire and the descriptions were pitch perfect (pun intended). I loved the families of Rivers and Landau. Thank you for a great book.

  3. Margaret Grayson says:

    Dear Ms. Solomons,

    I just finished “The House of Tyneford” and enjoyed it so much. I’m so glad I read it during the summer, the summer scenes in the book stood out to me particularly. I live in Northern California. Will you be making your way up here? I hope you can visit Santa Barbara, if you haven’t already – I went to university there, it’s worth the 2 hour trip from LA. I plan to pick up Mr. Rosenblum’s List next, maybe order on kindle right away if I’m impatient. Can’t wait for the next one.

    warmest regards,

    Margaret Grayson

  4. best of luck for your new novel and we are waiting for this.we are appreciate too.

  5. Barbara Harrison says:

    I could not leave Elise for work today! I work from home. I had started the book Sunday and was just going to allow a quick chapter before starting my work. It is now 3:45 and, with a satisfied sigh, I am done. I love the ending, I love Eluse and how well she loved two men. The history and sadness of the town and the war haunt me. Thank you for a book that transported, inspired and educated. I’m already looking forward to your other books- but will have to start them Saturdays so I don’t lose another day’s work:)

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