The first hints of spring

At last we have a summerhouse  again — it was a drizzle house for a while. The snowdrops are everywhere and the ancient plum tree has already started to blossom.

We took a trip to Lacocks in Wiltshire and the snowdrops outside the abbey were beautiful and I heard my first wood pigeon of the year. That to me is the first sound of spring.

And in the original photographic studio of Mr Fox Talbot, the inventor of the photographic negative, Mr S took some pictures of me in a rather fetching top hat.


And a big thank to everyone at Plume. ‘The House at Tyneford’ has been in the NYT bestseller list for 6 weeks now and they sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. (The gorgeous Rob Ryan vase was a birthday present from Mr S).


4 Responses to “The first hints of spring”

  1. it looks quite lovely
    in your neck of the woods

    certainly more spring-like
    than our lionish weather
    here in the states

    i had to stop by
    as i’ve just finished The House At Tyne Ford
    and enjoyed it so much

    fingers crossed for more excellent reads
    from you soon!


  2. Sue Clamp says:

    Just wondered if you’d seen this article:

  3. JoAnn says:

    Sue Clamp,

    Thanks for the link above. I love historical fiction, one of the reasons I purchased The House at Tyneford.

    I absolutely loved this book (loved Mr. Rivers) and have read and re-read it. I enjoyed this book and hope they make a movie or made for tv movie of it.

    Natasha Solomons

    I loved the book The House at Tyneford and fell in love with your Mr. Rivers. There are not many books, and none I can recall at the moment, that I have read more than once. I usually read a book, marvel over it for a bit, and move on. But not this one for some reason. I read you are a screenwriter. If so, can you put this one to a movie? 🙂 Glad to see it on the New York Times Best Sellers List!

  4. What precisely honestly stimulated you to compose “The first hints of spring ? Natasha Solomons”?

    I personallyhonestly appreciated the post! Thanks -Joseph

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