Not Another Happy Ending


Guest post by Mr S

Sometimes stories come to you in a flash, sometimes you have to stand on a cliff for yonks and stare moodily into the middle distance, and then there are stories such as ‘Not Another Happy Ending,’ a screenplay about a quirky young novelist, her deadbeat screenwriter boyfriend, a roguish publisher, and a very late manuscript. It would be too easy to say that one morning I simply looked across the breakfast table and there, behind the box of organic muesli, one finger of toast poised with characteristic elegance above her dippy egg, it came to me – I shall rip off my wife’s career! It would be too easy to say that, but it wouldn’t exactly be wrong. In my defence, what’s the point of being married if you can’t turn your spouse into a screenplay (‘to love, honour and adapt’ was actually one of our vows). So, thanks to the towering efforts of producer, Claire Mundell, and director, John McKay, casting for said film has just been announced. You can read all about it at the link, but the exciting news is that we’ve landed the combined talents of Karen Gillan (Doctor Who) and Emun Elliot (Game of Thrones, Black Death, and Ridley Scott’s forthcoming Prometheus). More to come, once I’ve had a lie down.

David Solomons is a screenwriter who is sometimes allowed to share the summerhouse with his wife, Natasha.

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