old photo album

My grandmother, Margot

It’s a strange feeling, waiting for my book to come out. For so long it’s been in my imagination and dreams — I’ve lived and breathed Tyneford for years, it seems. I feel like Tyneford has been existing in parallel to the real world, like Neverland or OZ.  But, it’s almost time for the book to come out and live in other people’s imaginations. That’s the point when any book comes to life.

Yet, it’s also the time when I need to start thinking about the next book. As I start something new I need to build up all the paraphernalia on my desk. Piles of books in wobbling heaps: to be read, to be dipped into, finished reading etc. Then the photographs — sometimes of people (a smile that captures the temperament of a character), a view, a postcard of a painting that gives me a tingle and just catches the right mood.

First though, I have to clear away the books and pictures from ‘Viola’. It’s a melancholic task, rather like going through old albums of a wonderful holiday — remembered pleasures that already seem long, long ago.

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  1. Kate says:

    I’m looking forward to meeting all these characters for myself. 🙂 Are you going to be doing any author events in the Dorset area for Viola?

  2. Alis Hawkins says:

    Looking forward to it very much. I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve recommended Mr Rosenblum to.

  3. Kath says:

    Having enjoyed Mr Rosenblum so much, I’m really looking forward to reading The Novel in the Viola.

    What do you do with everything that you’re now clearing away? Do you box up a book’s notebooks and material and memorabilia that you’ve used and put it into storage under Rosenblum or Viola? I can see it not being so much of a problem with one or two books but you could be overrun with all the material from several books.

  4. Natasha Solomons says:

    Thanks Kath — so glad you enjoyed it. My study is very messy. It’s a moment when I start a new notebook. The old ones go on the bookshelf…

  5. Allen says:

    Dear Natasha,

    I have just finished Viola and loved every page. i diodnt want it to finish. Your description of the mentality of the young woman Elise is exactly as I imagined my mothere generation to be. The difference is that mine came out of North Africa and whilst they didnt suffer as did the Viennese when they eventually emigrated to Australia the menial tasks that they were used to having servants do like cleaning a loo, became psychological obstacles to their emigration. Today they are in their 80s and have as did Elise, adapted. I really enjoyed the book, the characters, and the very English essence of your description. We only ever saw the war in black and white and youy have brought colour to the descriptions.

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