from W.I. to W1

The Grosvenor House literati salon was definitely a rather glamorous event. We were served champagne and a specially themed tea with elegant finger sandwiches containing Constance Spry’s coronation chicken recipe, followed by Lavender Basset’s Victoria sponge and Sadie’s Baumtorte. The chef did a special twist on the recipe in the book and produced the most beautiful petite four versions of the cake. Yum.

I was a little nervous as there were quite a few people… and one of the questions I got at the end was ‘why were you standing on one leg during your talk?’ Helps me think.

And, after the event we went for dinner at the steak restaurant where we had the best (and biggest) cheesecake outside NYC. And a rather delicious mint julep.

Mr S and I are busily writing the screenplay for Mr R, while I’m beavering away on revisions for ‘The Novel in the Viola’ in between. I feel as a result a little time-lagged: stuck somewhere between 1938, 1953 and 2010.

yum... I want more cheesecake

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  1. Gilli says:

    Good morning Natasha I am just reading your delightful book and I’m up to the bit where Sadie is teaching Elizabeth to make the baumtorte. So I googles Baumtorte I was curious and of course I reached your blog. I am loving the book . I’m glad you didn’t let Sadie die. Now back to the book my mouth is watering I want to eat this torte. Cheers Gilli

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