mountains and molehills

Me on a molehill

Me on a molehill

This is an old post for any of you getting de ja vu. However, it raises (if you’ll excuse the pun) some interesting ideas about molehills.

(April 2009)

So, I’ve started the edit. My two wonderful editors had great notes. However, they did bring up one contentious point – the size of molehills. Molehills and, more specifically, their removal are very important to the novel. And the question was raised – actually how big is a molehill? For all you city-dwellers, here is crucial information about molehills…

Fresh molehills are small heaps of earth several inches high and a foot or so across. However, an established mole field is another story. In time, without being smoothed, molehills grow into miniature mole-mountains. They can be two feet tall and several feet across. Over many years, these grassy mounds can cover an entire field. Preventing a little molehill from sprouting into a mole-mountain and spoiling a field is hard work. Moles fixate my parents. They’ve tried every kind of anti-mole device – from widgets buried underground that are supposed to give moles headaches to traps. My father’s morning ritual, is to check the mole traps…

I’ve posted a photo of a molehill, with me on top for scale. This is one of the SMALLER molehills in the field this morning. The largest ones are nearly twice its size. All I can say to the cynics is that Dorset moles must be more vicious than other moles. They drink more cider.

6 Responses to “mountains and molehills”

  1. isaacespriu says:

    Looks like you have monster moles in that field, Natasha! Hope the edit goes well 🙂

  2. JJ Beattie says:

    Hi Dorset Girl, I’ve come via the How Publishing Really Works pitch party. (Wasn’t that a great idea?)

    I look forward to reading more here.

  3. Kate says:

    Found you through the pitch party – Interesting to find another Dorset based writer – and don’t get me started on molehills!! My sonic molescarer has broken and they’re running amok!!

  4. Book Psmith says:

    I am currently reading (and very much enjoying) the US edition of your book and was wondering this exact thing…I had no idea! Once my grandparents immigrated to the States from Holland, my grandfather waged a much smaller battle against the gophers which were ruining his yard…which brings me around to saying that your book has me really thinking about how my grandparents dealt with living in a new country. Thank you for such a lovely read.

  5. Natasha Solomons says:

    Thanks Patty — I’m so glad that you’re enjoying Mr R. And I love the story of your grandfather’s gopher — very Caddyshack!

  6. Mole Bail says:

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    Hope this helps!

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