An English summer

Perfect sunshine and scribbling and squabbling in the summerhouse with Mr S — what could be nicer? We’re well into the screenplay of ‘Mr R’ and both the weather and Jack make me think of John Betjeman. He is the poet for gentle sunshine and the elegant pock of tennis balls. Here is a snippet from the charming English poet:

‘In a Bath Teashop’

“Let us not speak, for the love we bear one another—
Let us hold hands and look.”
She such a very ordinary little woman;
He such a thumping crook;
But both, for a moment, little lower than the angels
In the teashop’s ingle-nook.

2 Responses to “An English summer”

  1. Alis Hawkins says:

    Beautiful photograph – glad the screenplay’s coming along! Hope the ‘elegant pock of tennis balls’ that is Wimbledon isn’t distracting you too much…

  2. Natasha Solomons says:

    No Wimbledon doesn’t distract too much, though Mr S and I have started pinging around shuttlecocks in the garden. That’s so much fun, it’s quite distracting.

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